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Dowty Bonded Seal Washers

Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply a range of Dowty Bonded Seal Washers.

Dowty Washers were originally designed to replace the use of copper washers in high pressure systems. A Dowty Waher comprises a metal ring (square or rectangular in section, to which a synthetic rubber ring of trapezoidal section is bonded. The metal ring resists the bursting forces and limits the deformation of the synthetic rubber element.

Dowty seals are now available in self centralising form, which eliminates seal offset and makes for easier installation. Dowty Washers are available in Imperial and Metric sizes to suit your application.


Dowty Seal Washers

BSP Metric
1/8 BSP M10
1/4 BSP M12
3/8 BSP M14
1/2 BSP M16
5/8 BSP M18
3/4 BSP M20
1 BSP M22


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