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Thinsheet Nutserts Blind Rivet Nuts
Thinsheet Nutserts Blind Rivet Nuts

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Blind Rivet Nuts

Thinsheet Nutserts Blind Rivet Nuts Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply a comprehensive range of sheet metal fasteners including Blind Rivet Nuts (Nutserts).

Blind Rivet Sheet Nuts provide strong reusable threads in panels too thin to be conventionally tapped or in applications where only one side of the panel is accessible for installation.

They can be installed into panels as thin as 0.5mm and do not suffer from the maximum hardness limitations of Self Clinching Nuts so are suitable for installation into Stainless Steel panels.

Blind Rivet Nuts are available in Open Body and Closed End Styles, in Thinsheet, Flat Head, Countersunk and Hexagon head styles in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, with the option of a splined body for extra grip when installing into soft materials.

Rivet Nuts require special tooling for installation - tooling ranges from very low cost hand tooling to air powered automatic installation guns for high volume applications. Click here for more information on installation tooling.

For more information on Blind Rivet Nuts please contact us. To select a different type of Sheet Metal Fasteners please click here.


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