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Screw Locking Wire Thread Inserts

Helicoil Recoil Screwlock or Screw Locking Inserts Screw locking wire thread inserts offer resistance to vibration and impact. They have one or several polygons formed coils, which grip the threads of the installed screw thus creating a screw-locking device. On removal of the male thread, the locking coils relax to their original state permitting repeated removal and assembly of the screw or bolt while retaining their locking capability.

It is recommended that only bolts or screws with a grade of 8.8 or higher are used. High grade alloyed screws should be lubricated according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham supply Helicoil, Recoil and V-Coil screw locking wire thread inserts in order to provide our customers with the best price and availability possible.

Helicoil®, Recoil® and V-Coil Screwlock Wire Thread Inserts are available in the following thread forms:

•Metric (Coarse & Fine)
•Whitworth (BSW, BSF, BSPF, BA)
•Unified Thread (UNC & UNF)
•Spark Plug
•Pipe Thread

Click here to download the Helicoil Wire Thread Insert brochure.

Click here to download the Recoil Wire Thread Insert brochure.


For more information on Helicoil, Recoil or V-Coil screw locking wire thread inserts please contact us. Click here for information on free running wire thread inserts.


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