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Butler Fasteners Limited Nottingham - Fasteners & Fixings

Fasteners & Fixings

Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham stock and supply a comprehensive range of standard and non-standard fasteners and fixings in a variety of thread forms, materials and finishes to all areas of industry in Nottingham and throughout the UK.

From nuts, bolts and washers to more specialised products such as wire thread inserts, sheet metal fasteners and Lindapter Fixings , Butler Fasteners Limited can supply your fastener requirements.



HT Bolts & Set Screws, Coach Bolts, Roofing Bolts, Foundation Bolts and Studding


Nyloc Nuts, Binx Nuts, Philidas Nuts, Flange Nuts and Dome Nuts


Flat Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Shakeproof Washers and Red Fibre Washers in a variety of materials and finishes

Socket Screws

Socket Cap Screws, Socket Button Head Screws, Socket Set Screws, and Socket Shoulder Screws in both Unbrako® and an imported range of socket screws

Masonry Anchors

Throughbolts, Sleeve Anchors, Shield Anchors, Resin Capsules, Plasterboard Fixings and Frame Anchors.



Sheet Metal

Self Clinching Fasteners, Rivet Bushes, Rivet Nuts (Rivnuts / Sheetnuts), CD Weld Nuts and Studs


Wood Screws, Self Tapping Screws and Machine Screws in a variety of materials and finishes

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Brass Fasteners

Brass Fasteners

Pins & Dowels

Cotter Pins, Clevis Pins, Spring Tension Pins, Taper Pins, Extractable and Precision Ground Dowels

Thread Repair

Helicoil®, Recoil® and V-Coil thread repair products including Free Running and Screwlock Inserts, Thread Repair Kits, Insert Taps and Associated Tooling

Jubilee Clips

Jubilee® Hose Clips including Standard Jubilee® Clips, Lightweight Jubilee® Clips, High Torque Clips, 'O' Clips, Superclamps and Wingspade® Clips



If you can't see the fastener products you require please contact us.


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